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Nicholas BENTLEY - biography

I am a self-employed designer, craftsman, artist, and engineer working in Provence in the south of France.

I design and make custom furniture, design and build specialist, electronic, clocks, and sculpt the local vultures.

Some of my other interests are; reading philosophy and science,study of intellectual property, jogging, opera.

My earlier work included:

1978 – 1992         BRITISH AIRWAYS PLC

Principal Simulator Development Engineer  

Supervised a group of engineers developing and modifying flight simulators. This included simulator hardware, computer systems, visual systems, system software and real time simulation software. Responsibility for engineering acceptance testing of new multi-million pound flight simulators.

Formulated new ideas for simulator documentation standards and presented them to the IATA Flight Simulator Working Group at their international gathering in New Orleans. Supported an international working group established to define and implement these standards.

Designed and managed an Ethernet local area network.


Chiefly testing and repair of high power H.F. communications transmitters including digital control circuits and some work on television cameras and monitors.

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